HSP Event 2019

Learn how to protect yourself and keep yourself in balance no matter what,  so you no longer feel overwhelmed, exhausted and unhappy, but instead feel happy, energetic and in balance with the practical tools you need to be the boss of your energy, your emotions and your stress level.

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Do you recognize yourself in any of these?

* You are easily overwhelemd and at the end of the day you feel drained and exhausted
* You worry (too much) and it is always busy in your head
* You are always there for other people, but you tend to forget yourself in the process
* You find it hard to set your limits, to protect your boundaries and express your desires
* you have to do an aweful lot from yourself and you have very high standards (mainly for yourself)
* You have trouble connecting to your passion, setting goals and maintaining focus

You are not alone 

20% of the worlds population struggles with these exact same things....


What would it be like if?

* Your mind could be quiet, so you have room to just be
* You had enough energy to do all the things you want 
* You are able to set limits and protect your boundaries so you won't feel overwhelmed / exhausted all the time
* You took really good care of yourself, without feeling egoistic or guilty
* You are milder for yourself (and others) and good is good enough
* You where connected to yourself, your passion & your hearts desires, so you can get clear on your goals 

If you want that, then the HSP Event is
for you!

In 2019 I will organize this event on 3 different dates:
* Friday 17 May 2019
* Thursday 11 July 2019
* Tuesday 17 september 2019

You will learn:

* The two basic principles every HSP should know to thrive in today's world and not get overwhelmed
* How to connect with yourself and your inner strength, so you are in flow and things happen effortlesly
* How to use your greatest gift, your intuition, to guide you on your path so you never go wrong
* How to set and guard your boundaries and take good care of yourself without being egoistic
* How to manage your energy, emotions & stress levels, so from now on your are in control of your life

So that you:

* Can thrive in today's  world instead of being overwhelmed by it
* Start to see your sensitivity as the gift that it is, instead of wanting to get rid of it
* Can better handle your stress and avoid a burnout, instead of feeling exhausted, unhappy and drained
* Master your emotions and manage your energy, instead of feeling out of balance and insecure
* Feel good about yourself and start to love & accept yourself un- conditionally for who you truly are, instead of feeling weird or strange

But also:

* Get all the practical tools you need to manage your energy, emotions and and stress, so you become the manager of your own life ( I use these daily in my own life and company woth great success)
* Connect with your passion, your heart's desire, so you can find a job or run a company that suits your needs, so you can be happy and free
* Learn how to make your own HSP Rescue Kit & Emotions First Aid Kit, so you have an action plan whenever you do get overwhelmed
* Learn form other HSP's

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What is the price of this unique & valuable event?

The price is including coffee/tea before the event, 1 drink after the event and a practical workbook with all the information, exercises & tools.

The event is tax deductable.


Super Early Bird*

From 14-1-2019 until 14-2-2019 you can register for the Super Early Bird price for the event on May 17th 2019.

From 08-4-2019 until 08-5-2019 you can register for the Super Early Bird price for the event on June 11th 2019.

From 14-6-2019 until 14-7-2019 you can register for the Super Early Bird price for the event on September 17th 2019.

Use discount code: SUPEREARLY


Early Bird*

From 15-2-2019 until 30-3-2019 you can register for the Early Bird price for the event on May 17th 2019.

From 09-5-2019 until 09-6-2019 you can register for the Early Bird price for the event on June 11th 2019.

From 15-7-2019 until 15-8-2019 you can register for the Early Bird price for the event September 17th 2019.

Use discount code: EARLYBIRD


Normal Price*

From 31-3-2019 until 16-5-2019 you can register for the Normal price for the event on May 17th 2019.

From 10-6-2019 until 10-7-2019 you can register for the Normal price for the event on June 11th 2019.

From 16-8-2019 until 16-9-2019 you can register for the Super Early Bird price for the event September 17th 2019.

Use discount code:
no code needed

Register quickly to get the best price!
The amount of spaces is limited, because I want to keep the groups small.

*All prices are including VAT.

Agnes also has something to say about the event


Who is Organising the event?

Barbera herself is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur (HSE) and she has learned by trial and error what it means to be highlysensitive and how you can see that sensitivity as something positive, a gift or a super power, and how to use it as a positive force to thrive in today's world, while feeling good about yourself and having energy to spare.

Because she wants other sensitives to experience all the benefits of being sensitive, instead of seing it as a burden or something undesirable and because she wants them to experience what it feels like to live and work in flow with enough energy for all the things that make life worth living, she started her company 2BeInBalance. 

It is her mission to help at least 10.000 sensitive people to love & accept themselves unconditionally, so they no longer have to feel overwhelmed, exhausted and unhappy, but instead feel good about themselves so they can live the life they always wanted, while being proud of themselves and in control of their emotions, energy & stress levels.

Still not convinced? Let Caroline explain to you why you need to attent this event


Practical Information

Location: Hotel 't Paviljoen, Grebbeweg 103-105, 3911 AV Rhenen

Date(s): 17 May 2019, 11 July 2019, 17 September 2019

Workshop program:
12:00 - 13:00 reception with coffee/tea
13:00 - 14:30 stress release walk + stress release techniques
14:30 - 15:00 group meditation for grounding
15:00 - 16:30 protection techniques + HSP Recue Kit
16:30 - 17:00 group outdoor visualization
17:00 - 17:30 evaluation + what's next
17:30 - 19:00 drink + networking

TIPS: Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes you can walk in and that can get dirty, we are walking in the forest. Take an umbrella with you in case it rains. Take something with you that you can sit on and bring pen/paper to write, a pack of tissues and a bottle of water.


That depends on the people participating.

If everybody that registers is Dutch, the workshop will be in Dutch. If there is one or more (only) English speaking participant(s), then the workshop will be in English. But you can still ask your questions in Dutch and I can still explain things in Dutch to you if you don't understand everything in English. No wories!

I have all the information for the workbook in both English and Dutch and I will contact you after your registration to ask you in which language you would like to receive the workbook so please provide a working email adress when registering.

That is possible, just send me an email at info@2beinbalance.com with the date you want to register for and your personal information like name, adres, phone number, email adres and your companies registration and VAT numer if you are a businessowner and I will send you an invoice for the Super Early Bird Price.

Participation will be final once the invoice is paid.

I am doubting if this event is for me and I would like to talk to you before I register, is that possible?

Yes it is!

Go to www.2beinbalance.com/yes and book a free Clarity Call with me in my online agenda at a time that is convenient for you and we can discuss the event and if it is the right event for you (and ofcourse any other questions you might have).

You can also send me an email at info@2beinbalance.com


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