Working with Barbera

We are going to establish a good foundation for you and your company in an earthly way so that you can use your sensitivity ( & intuition & empathy) as your strength, your super power, both in business and in private, so that your high sensitivity no longer hinders you but helps you to be successful.

You will learn how you can balance your energy throughout the day, so that at the end of the day you do not end up drained on the couch, but still have energy for other (nicer?) things. You will also learn how to have daily flow and how to turn your stress into momentum

I help you to get to know your own sensitive user manual so that you can make strategic use of your pitfalls and your strengths for more happiness and success in your life and your company. And you will get all the tools you need to keep yourself in balance no matter what.

I also help you to get clear on your BIG dream, connect with your passion and know your purpose, so you can formulate your goals that help you achieve your dream and to cut them into smaller goals and create a step-by-step action plan to achieve your heart's desire with a structured work method, intuitive planning and laser focus.

By learning how to embrace your high sensitivity and to use it as your superpower, you will attract the right customers to you effortlessly because you are and will be your authentic self at all times. This feels good and powerful and allows you to only work with the customers who give you energy while increasing your profits and business results.

I help you to have conversations based on a deeper connection, without losing yourself in the process, and to turn your services into a product so that you can take your company to the next level in a way that really suits you and feels almost effortless (and certainly not salesy).

The result is that you can live your life to the fullest, have a lifestyle friendly business, do what you love and love what you are doing and be fully connected to your feelings / intuition in the here and now. This gives you peace of mind and allows you to bring focus and structure to your company, so that you can realize your dreams with more energy and pleasure then you could have ever imagined. You will have gained unshakable self-confidence and a newfound passion for life. You will also experience (financial) freedom as well as the freedom to be yourself while feeling empowered and in control.

And to achieve this result, I have developed the unique HSP (High Sensitive Power) method. This method consists of a combination of transforming sessions, ontrack calls and unique tools, with which fantastic results can be achieved in just 3 months!

Or you can enroll in my unique 12 month online program Just Highsensitive Business, where you will not only learn all of the above but will also have the added bonus of getting to know more sensitive entrepreneurs like you and start building your network.

Here is a selection of the results from my customers:

"As a result of the trajectory with you, I am now much more in contact with myself and therefore the relationship with my family has improved enormously. I feel more relaxed and much more connected to myself and that is so very nice ”

“I now see things in perspective and I feel much more relaxed and happy now. I enjoy the little things in life more and I also have more eye for those little things. ”

“I now have better conversations, because I can now prepare them (energetically) much better and this means that I achieve better results with much less effort. I am now able to disconnect my self-esteem from my performance and that gives me peace of mind. ”

“I can now let go of control over things that cannot be controlled. Also my emotions no longer influence my behavior. This gives me the opportunity to view my company more from a distance so that I can better determine the right actions and no longer get so emotionally involved. "

"Everything is no longer coming in so hard anymore and I am now much better able to separate things and take things so personally anymore."

“I no longer take all responsibility on my own shoulders anymore. I can put things in perspective and let go much better and this brings me peace of mind and the feeling that I am and can finally be myself. ”

“I now think a lot more in logical scenarios and that makes the problem feel less mine. This makes me worry a lot less and that gives me peace of mind. "

“Because I can now choose whether or not to get emotionally involved in certain events, I have become the boss of my emotions and my consciousness. This makes me feel powerful and free. "

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