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apr 8, 2019

High Sensitivity as Business Super Power

Are you still struggling with your sensitivity within your business, often feeling drained and exhausted and maybe not sure if owning your own business is right for you?

Being a sensitive person can have many advantages in your business. Your clients often appreciate how dedicated you are to them, how generous you are with your time and your help and how personally invested you are in seeing them achieve the results they want to achieve. You are able to anticipate their needs, sometimes even before they do and you can relate to their struggles and are often very good at coming up with solutions to overcome those struggles.


jun 17, 2018

5 tips to increase self-confidence as an HSEHave you ever felt not sure of yourself, different, like there is something wrong with you?

If you have just started to learn what it means to be “highly sensitive” then you might feel really euphoric (because it feels like coming home to yourself) or completely devastated (because you realize that 80% of the people are not at all like you and you want to be like everybody else) or something in between.

Recharge your batteries

Take the time to regularly recharge your batteries.


How do you know that you are highly sensitive?

How did you find out that you are highly sensitive?


Do you have a good morning ritual?

How do you wake up in the morning? Hurried or relaxt?


Relieve stress by using your senses

A fast way to relieve some stress is by using your senses.


Trust your intuition

Listen to your gut feeling and hear what it has to say.


The importance of proper self-care

Why it is not selfish to take care of yourself.


What does it mean to be an HSP?

HSP is not a disease but a personality trait.


What is grounding and how do you do it?

Grounding is something every HSP needs to do first thing in the morning.


Why is being grounded so important for an HSP?

What are the benefits of grounding every morning to an HSP.


Why is getting enough sleep so important for an HSP?

HSP's need more sleep than the regular person. Here is why..


How do you breathe, from the chest or your belly?

Breathing right gives all sorts of benefits, especially when you are an HSP


What does food have to do with being an HSP?

Have you noticed you turn into a downright monster when you are hungry? Here is why :)


Can your inner child come out and play?

Everybody has an innerchild and you need to let that child out to play once in a while.


Why is it so hard for HSPs to make choices?

Making choices is often not easy for an HSP. Here is why and what you can do about it.


Determining priorities for HSPs

How do you know what had the highest priority? And how do you plan accordingly?.


How to say no as an HSP while feeling good about it.

When you say no to something, you say yes to yourself!.


How to stop absorbing other peoples emotions.

How do you protect yourself from being influenced by the emotions of others? How to protect yourself and let go of the emotions you dont want'.


A moment of silence. .. shielding for HSPs.

How do you create a moment of silence for yourself in a very busy train? How do you shield yourself?


Everybody becomes highsensitive because of stress right?

Why highsensitive people are more influenced by stress and why they need to watch out for a burnout. Can you really become an HSP because of stress?

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