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  • VIP Day - Embrace your inner HSP

    VIP Day HSO HSP arnhem

    This is the day for ambitieus highly sensitive entrepreneurs (HSE's) who want to learn a lot fast and who want to grow quickly in their business and in their personal life. Are you ready to take the necessary steps to achieve that growth? To learn how to run your business from passion using your HSP strength and your intuition? To enjoy your high sensitive entrepreneurship? Than this is the day for you!

    The day for ambitieus HSPs!

    Are you ready to take action?

    This day is especially for ambitious HSP entrepreneurs who want to grow and develop themselves in a short amount of time, both professionally and personally, who want to learn how to break through what's holding them back, who are done with their limiting believes, but who find it difficult to let go of those limiting beliefs and other old pains. This day is for HSE's who want to learn how they can feel their limits and how they can set and enforce healthy boundaries, how they can take their energymanagement in their own hands and how they can rus their business form the HEART. This day will teach you to run your business with self-confidence and love, from authenticity and passion.  You will also learn how to let go of what no loner serves you and how to focus on what you want to achieve with your business and your life.


    The program consists of:

    HSO VIP Day arnhemYour 1-on-1 personal VIP-day

    We start with your HSP VIP-day; a full day (with a delicious lunch!) and a custom program. At the end of the day you will leave with your personal HSP succes strategy. This winning formula consists of a practical step-by-step plan which gets you started right away, for maximum succes. Are you ready to break through what is holding you back? To take big steps in your development and growth, so that you can start living and running your business in a way that suits your HSP Heart? With passion, strength and intuition?

    During 4 weeks every Monday & Friday a Skype -coaching session 

    It takes time to grow and develop yourself. Old habits die hard. That is why, in addition to your VIP day, I am offering you a month of skype coaching for free. During this month we will discuss all the questions and challenges that you encounter. How? We start every week with a skype session so you start your week with your most important action point. This wil help you to remain focused on what is most important for you and your business. We will end the week with a reflective skype session. In this session we will look at what went right this week and in what area's there is a profit to be made. This will help you to take those big steps in you growth and development.

    Yes I choose My VIP Day


    BONUSA whole month of HSP e-coaching

    Not also wil you get the skype session after your VIP-dag, you will also get me as your HSP e-coach for the entire month! During that month you can email me as often as you like and you will have unlimited email acces to my knowledge and expertise! Will you take that first step today?

    Yes I choose My VIP Day



    For whom?

    Live from the Heart HSP HSE arnhem

    Do you recognize yourself in 3 or more of the following sayings?

    ✓ You are ambitious

    ✓ You know high sensitivity is a strength, but it does not really feel like it (yet)

    ✓ You find it difficult to be an HSP and an entrepreneur

    ✓ You want to see your HSP as something positive and you would like to learn how to use it as your super power

    ✓ You want to run your business from the HEART, in a way that suits you

    ✓ You want to convey your message authentically

    ✓ You miss someone to spar with and could sometimes use a friendly kick in the butt

    ✓ You know its time to take new steps. And this is the first one...!

    If 3 or more of these sayings apply to you than the VIP-Day embrace your HSP is perfect for you! Register now or contact me if you have anymore questions.

    Yes, I choose My VIP Day

    For whom NOT?

    Falen ondernemer Arnhem HSPNB: This day is not for everyone!

    Do you recognize yourself in 3 or more of the following sayings?

    ✓ My high sensitivity is my bottleneck

    The world does not take me seriously anyway

    I am afraid of failing, so taking action is not for me

    ✓ There is so much competition........  I will never succeed!

    I don't have time or money to invest in myself and my company

    I don't find myself important enough to go through so much trouble.

    If the answer is yes than the VIP- Day is too much too soon for you! Being highly sensitive can be overwhelming and at times it can even paralyse you. My online program High Sensitive Very Normal can be a fantastic place for you to start to get to know your own HSP usermanual. You can follow this program from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, in your own way.


    Having doubts? Contact me and we will see what program best suits you.



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    Kosten VIP Day HSO arnhemThe VIP- Day Embrace your HSP costs €  1.897,= (excl. 21% btw)* and is including your personal VIP-day, a unique blueprint of your personal HSP Succes Formula and a practical step-by-step plan with which you can easily implement all that you have learned.  BONUS: a whole month long I'll be your HSP e-coach!

    Yes I choose My VIP Day


    *Payment in 2 terms is possible. Each term will be € 995,00 (ex BTW) . If you want this , click here.

    *INTERESSANTING TAX-TIP: Are you registered at the KvK? Then the entire investment is deductible as education costs. Also as a private person you can deduct education costs from your taxes.

    Do you want to know if this rule applies to you? Check the site of the belastingdienst.


    Contact me!