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  • Soundboarding & Strengthening


    Do you recognize these situations?

    • Free Power Talk HSP HSOYou are about to have an intake with a potential new client and this time you want to have control over the meeting. But how do you do that in a way that suits you? How do you stay true to yourself

    • You are having a problem with an intern or an employee, but you have no idea how to handle that specific situation. What do you say, what do you do? How to adres their behavior? 

    • You are about to give your first webinar or hold your first live event, but you already feel stressed about standing there, showing yourself and achieving your goals. How to stay in balance? How to protect your own energy? How to properly prepare? 

    • Your company is growing, with or without employees, but is it going in the direction you want? What is your long term goal? What is your vision? How to make a good planning? How to remain focused? 


    Talking with a familiar "unknown"

    These an undoubtedly other situations, cross your path daily. Maybe you have friends or co-entrepreneurs with whom you can talk once in a while, but the really confidential stuff you often don't discuss with them. And you probably won't tell them that you are feeling really insecure about your situation and/or the challenges you are facing. 

    How awesome would it be to be able to talk about everything you are facing with someone who will listen with an open mind and without judgement? Someone who can hold up a mirror to you and who can give you sound advice? Someone who can give you practical tools and tips that you can use immediately to grow your business? 

    That is why I have developed the program Soundboarding & Strengthening. And also because a lot of people where asking me about it ;)

    When you grow, so will your company! When you stop keeping yourself small and step out of your comfortzone, you will flourish 

    And I would love to help you with that!

    Why soundboarding(or sparring)?

    Because it can be really nice to have someone with new, fresh ideas to think along with you. Someone who has a lot of experience in all kinds of branches and on top of that can estimate all kinds of situations intuitively and accurately and can offer valuable insights because if it. I will hold up a mirror for you so that you may learn from your own experiences and thus will grow as an entrepreneur. I do this with respect and lots of empathy, with the intend to help you reach your maximum potential so that you get energy from your company while lifting yourself en that company to the next level. 

    About Barbera

    Barbera Schouten - HSP Coach

    Isn't it wonderful to be able to have more toom in your life for your dreams, goals, ambitions and/or desires? Te be completely yourself, to do what works for you instead of what you are supposed to do?

    That you may better listen to your intuition, your own sensitive powers? Never get overwhelmed and be in balance no matter what situation?

    That you can experience joy and pleasure and that your passion can flow freely? Without being weighed down by all those negative feelings, emotions and behavioral patterns? To have more happiness and energie!

    This is what I have learned myself being a highly sensitive entrepreneur and this is what I have to offer you as a coach. It is my mission to guide 10.000 HSO's in their personal development, their highsensitivity (HSP/HSO/HSS) and their authentic entrepreneurship.

    Because I would very much like you to experience the joys of having & running your own company, whilst being in balance while you do so.

    So that you can shine again. So that you can fly again.
    Because you are awesome and you deserve nothing less!

    Yes I want to shine & Fly!


    What is the difference between soundboarding and coaching?

    Coaching targets your personal development while working towards a pre-determined goal. Of course we will work while keeping your your current situation in mind and I will adjust the coaching program accordingly, taking into account your wishes and desires a long the way and giving you the tools that go along with that. 

    With soundboarding(of sparring) our starting point is the questions and/or difficult situations you encounter in daily life. I will hold up a mirror, ask questions, give advice and present new ideas. You grow by talking things through and then trying them out. 

    The goal of soundboarding is to bring a certain situation to a good ending or to shape your plans and ideas (and in that way you will grow automatically) and with coaching your personal development and making it stick are the actual goal. But I admit, there is a certain overlap!

    What does the program look like?

    We'll determine that together. In practice, one session a month seems to be the optimal frequency. But that might be different in your case (temporarily of permanent). We can adjust accordingly, no problem. a soundboarding-session can be face-to-face walking in the forest, but it can also be via skype or telephone. What ever works best for you.

    The program Soundboarding & Strengthening by the way is a great addition to the individual HSO coaching program. First we will work on your Personal HSP Power and how to use that optimally within your company. And than you can maintain those newly acquired skills and lifestyle by soundboarding with me regularly. 

    Is soundboarding for you?

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