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  • HSP Entrepreneur Coaching

    As a (HSE)Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur you are a different kind of entrepreneur

    You are just as qualified to be an entrepreneur, but you do it your own way. And that's OK!


    Maybe as an entrepreneur you encounter the following

    zelfvertrouwen hspondernemerscoachYou want to run your business from passion/strength, with ease and self-confidence, but you don't really know how to do that

    You find it difficult to come out of your comfortzone, to go to a network meeting or to call cliënts for instance

    You loose your energy quickly while giving a webinar, course or training. This leaves you feeling drained

    Doubts HSP entrepreneurMaybe you also notice

    That you find it hard to ask (high) prices for your services, especially with confidence

    You want to "please" others so much, you cross your own boundaries and/or its hard for you to say "no"

    You doubt if people are actually waiting for you and your services, blogs, vlogs etc.

    Are you loosing your enthusiasm because you keep running into the same things over and over?

    That, of course, should not happen!

    Hoog Sensitieve Ondernemers CoachingDo you want to learn how

    to keep yourself (and with that your company) in balance, not matter what

    to accept yourself completely, to see your own self-worth and to embrace that

    to start asking those (high) prices with confidence

    Hoe zie jij jezelf HSP ondernemerAnd do you also want to learn

    How you can say "no" AND feel good about it too

    How you can protect yourself and your energy whilst giving webinars/training etc.

    How to apply focus and structure within your business and to not start all kinds of things without finishing them


    Who is coaching you?

    Barbera Schouten De HSP coach voor hooggevoelige ondernemersMy name is Barbera Schouten and I am the HSP coach for Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs (HSE's). This means that I help highly sensitive entrepreneurs to run their business using their HSP Super Power.

    My Mission

    It is my mission to guide you in your personal development, your high sensitivity (HSP & HSS) and your authentic entrepreneurship. So that you can embrace your passion, your dreams and your ambitions. So that you can be your effortless self no matter the circumstances.

    Experienced expert

    I have been through a lot of phases myself. From denial (no I don't want that label) to resisting (no, I don't recognize myself in that at all) to accepting (o yes, I have that too!). Entrepreneurship is yet another beautiful challenge in which I myself still discover new things every day. As an experienced expert I can help you to overcome your challenges, so you to can lead your business from your inner strength.

    Do you recognize the following?

    Angst HSPYou are not making your desired profit and you think that working harder wil solve this problem

    Or you notice that you so desperately want to land that new client that you are making concessions to your price or to yourself. Even when you don't want to. Or maybe it even terrifies you to name your price to potential new clients

    Or you are scared of showing yourself as the face of your business and that stops you from making those video blogs or from going to a network meeting or from calling that prospect to hear if they want to work with you or to get feedback on your work



    Been there, done that, believe me!

    How I can help you

    Onderneem krachtig vanuit je hart HSP
    I can help you to run your business from strength. With confidence and inner calmness

    I can help you to be kinder to yourself. To show yourself compassion and to look at yourself with love. To stop needing to do so much from yourself

    I can help you to see your own self-worth. To be proud of yourself and to follow your dreams and run your business with passion, from the HEART

    I can also

    Kom uit je hoofd en in je lijf HSP ondernemerTeach you how to leave your head and get into your body. So you can connect with your inner strength and the wisdom of your intuition

    Teach you how to protect yourself, your boundaries and your energy, so that you don't feel drained when you come home at the end of the day

    Teach you how to live and run your business from passion and how to stay connected to that passion

    Teach you how to remain focused and add structure that helps you to achieve what you want


    Testimonials Coaching

    Do you want to learn how to use your sensitive gift was your business super power?

    I want to help you to learn just that!

    1. Free Intake via Skype or telefoon: Are we a good match. Is there a click. And can I answer your specific questions. If not, than we leave it at that. If yes, than this is the start of your coaching.

    2. Skype/Live coaching: During 3 months we will have contact via Skype or in persoon. Every two weeks we will have a session (1-1,5 hours) in which we will work on the things that you encounter and want solved. Every other week we will have a progression session to discuss the things that you encountered while implementing the tools, tips and advise I will give you. You can ask me anything about high sensitivity and your entrepreneurship.
    3. Unlimited e-mails: During our coaching you can send me unlimited e-mails with all your questions etc. I will answer within a day or 2 at most.


     HSP entrepreneur star HSE arnhem

    The end result is that you will be the star of your business!


    With self-confidence


    With your own unique HSP Style


    And everything else you will need to run your business from your HART, with strength and passion, whilst being the boss over your own energie, emotions and stress leven.

    Plan your personal HSP growth session and take the first step!

    *You can find the GeneralTerms here.


    Contact me!