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High Sensitivity as a Business Super Power

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High Sensitivity as Business Super Power

High Sensitivity as a Business Super Power

Are you still struggling with your sensitivity within your business, often feeling drained and exhausted and maybe not sure if owning your own business is right for you?

Being a sensitive person can have many advantages in your business. Your clients often appreciate how dedicated you are to them, how generous you are with your time and your help and how personally invested you are in seeing them achieve the results they want to achieve. You are able to anticipate their needs, sometimes even before they do and you can relate to their struggles and are often very good at coming up with solutions to overcome those struggles.

But there is also a downside, because when it comes to the challenges of having your own business like receiving feedback, dealing with 'difficult' customers, invoices that don't get paid, sales conversations with potential clients and putting yourself out there for your clients to connect with you so they can start to trust you and want to become your client, your emotions can run unchecked.

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Maybe you are completely crushed when you receive a negative review or constructive criticism. Maybe you see it as a (negative) reflection of your service(s) or even as a personal attack when a client refuses to pay the bill. Or maybe you noticed that your attention to detail can slip into perfectionism which costs you money, because you did not calculate that extra time into your estimation. Perhaps your high attunement to your surroundings has translated into being easily peeved by clients or business partners.

We live in a society that glorifies strength and power and because of that highly sensitive people like you may have assumed that the ability to experience things more intensely is a weakness or a personal failure. But nothing could be further from the truth. People with a higher sensitivity have been rated as the best performers. And with our society becoming more automated, their is an increasing need for people with intuition, creativity and empathy.

These traits can never be automated and people who possess these skills have a distinct advantage in business over those who don't. They excel at communicating; interviewing leads and converting them to customers, getting their message out there in an authentic way to attract new customers, leading a team of employees etc. If you are a highly sensitive person and you decide to fully leverage your unique gifts, you will not only bring a refreshing set of contributions to the table, you are also able to create a hugely successful business doing what you love!

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How do you use your sensitivity as your greatest strength within your business?

Here are some tips:

Be proud of who you are

Understanding, accepting, and shouting from the rooftops that I’M A HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON, has changed my entire life. For the better. The old, prehistoric me, was all too often confused, or guilt-tripping over feeling too intensely, too intimately, too sensitively. I used to downplay my innate, sensitive superpower with weird delusions of who I thought I should be.

I’d get super stressed when I had to go to places with a lot of people or when I had too many things to do. I’d get super triggered by loud music or injustice or violence on television… and I’d either react strongly or I’d withdraw. And I’d always feel bad about it. I didn’t understand how to use this precious characteristic of my being so instead I’d stress out for feeling overwhelmed by stuff that seemed easily manageable by other people…why couldn’t I just be more easy going?!

When I gave myself permission to embrace my sensitivity and to love myself for who I truly am, I gave myself permission to be who I was. And when we do that, everything automatically changes. Life becomes lighter, more magical, and challenging in a glorious way.

My conversations with clients became much easier, because I was now authentic and speaking from the heart, following my intuition. My workload become less heavy because I was now allowing myself to work in flow and use my intuition to sense the most essential tasks and focus solely on them instead of feeling I had to do everything. I now enjoy going to network events, because it gives me a chance to connect with others that might need my help in undergoing this transformation too.

Have confidence in yourself and your communication skills

Most highly sensitive people display rare strengths in key areas of emotional intelligence, also known as emotional quotient (EQ), like the ability to recognize and understand emotions in themselves and others. These strengths include self-awareness and social-awareness.

Because you can become easily overstimulated, you may need help in the areas of self-management and (client) relationship management. Your hyper-awareness of emotions might mean you need help acting on those emotions in constructive ways.

This is something I help a lot of sensitive entrepreneurs with, so if you recognize yourself in this description and you could use some help too, please don't hesitate to book a Free Breakthrough Clarity Session with me to breakthrough the blocks that are hindering from reaching your full potential.

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But whether you' re leading your employees, motivating your clients or providing a sounding board for others, at the end of the day your sensitivity is a gift for communication that can help your company run smoothly and make your business blossom.

I often experience strong emotions, but I can now identify them easily. They help me to communicate effectively because I don't just hear the words coming out of other people's mouths, I am also finely attuned to their subtle gestures and tone. This gives me uncanny insight into the origin of their problems and thus their needs and because of this I am better and more effectively able to help my clients.

You are awesome at helping your clients

Another asset you have is that you are attuned not only to the feelings of your clients, but also to those tiny details that others ( who don't share our sensitivity) may have missed. You're the one who hears what your clients are telling you without them actually saying it. You can read between the lines and this helps you to formulate questions that help you get to the bottom of their problems/needs or that help them come to that conclusion on their own.

You aren't satisfied until every detail has been worked out and every contingency has been planned for. This means that you deliver great work that people can count on and when you are an accountant or bookkeeper for instance, the ability to keep track of the details is invaluable an thi strength really works to your advantage.

As a coach I use this ability to help my clients understand where things went wrong and how they can fix that without me having to tell them this, because it's much better to let them come to that conclusion themselves. I read between the lines, hear the things that are not being said and then intuitively know what I need to do or say to help them.

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Use your creativity within your business

Even though it can sometimes feel like a huge burden to be so profoundly affected by what is going on around you, your intuitive nature also lets you tap into your creativity. You might be the person who's always carrying a notebook around to jut down your (business) idea's or to sketch a solution to a problem in. Or maybe you would benefit from having a whiteboard in your office to capture and brainstorm ideas or to create your vision board on.

As a creative person, you are deeply in tune with your inner world and this can lead to fascinating breakthroughs, innovative solutions to problems and a unique sense of clarity most of your peers don't get to experience. Once you feel comfortable accessing your creative side, more people will turn to you for inspiration when they feel stuck.

I have found my creativity to also be hugely beneficial when visualizing my BIG DREAM. I have created several vision boards actually, one with images and word about my big dream and then one that if what I want to manifest and accomplish this year that will help me get closer to that big dream. I have also created several mind maps, including adding images to them, to get clear on my ideal client, my social media strategy, the products I want to create et. The possibilities are endless!

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