Hey beautiful entrepreneur

When did you last ask yourself what you need?

Really take a moment to think about it...


Having trouble stopping? Even though you are tired, overwhelmed and exhausted? 

Moe, overprikkelt, uitgeput? HSP CoachYou are not the only one. Every day I talk to entrepreneurs who just keep going and going. Just buckle down. Do what needs to be done. Continue. Despite everything. 

Started your company with passion?

Maybe you started your company with passion. Because you believe in yourself and this passion. Because you want to start a beautiful company. But mostly because you want to help people. You start excitedly. You put a lot of time and effort into it. You have lots of ideas.

A real perfectionist?

From the outside you appear self-confident, enthusiastic and full of energy. But on the inside you feel insecure, you worry a lot and you are constantly tired. You make yourself do a lot and you are not easily satisfied. A  Perfectionist, grenzen, nee zeggen HSP Coachreal perfectionist. Because of the constant stream of ideas, you loose perspective and you have trouble keeping focused and working structured.

Having trouble with your boundaries and saying 'No'?

It is not always easy for you to set your boundaries. Or to say "No". Or to get out of your “comfort zone”. You work hard. Too hard? You easily step over your own limits. You give away (too) much. Discounts. Knowledge. This gives you stress and tension.

Exhausted and drained?

And in stead of feeling passionate, enthusiastic and in balance, you feel tired, listless and drained. You want to be milder for yourself. To better be able to accept what is. To be the boss of your own energy. To stay in balance no matter the circumstances.


Omzet, focus, structuur, mensen helpen HSP CoachKeeping focus and applying structure?

Do you want to run your business with strength, intuition and passion? Effortlessly attracting new soul-aligned clients? Do you want to be able to keep focus and work via a structured work method?Do you want to make enough revenue to live a carefree life, while doing what you love and what feels good: helping people?


I am not a magic coach with a magic wand. But I do know a lot about running your own business as a highly sensitive entrepreneur. With all the challenges that entails. Running your business while feeling tired and drained and feeling insecure about yourself and what you have to offer is not easy.

What if it doesn't have to be that way?

Zodat jij weer kunt stralen en kunt vliegen. HSP CoachWhat if there is another way? A way that really suits you. That gives you energy. That makes you feel like you can run your business effortlessly. So you dare to stand up for what you're worth.

Tools to always keep yourself in balance?

What if you had the tools to always keep yourself in balance? Tools that allow you to be the boss of your own energy? Your own emotions? Your own stress? So that you may shine again. So that you may fly again.


Take the first step and plan a free HSP strategy session with me

So that you can shine again. So that you can fly again.
Because you are awesome and you deserve nothing less!

Yes, I want to fly

Do you want more balance in your life and your own HSE business style?

I would love to help you!

HSE coaching


Transform your highsensitivity into a trump card, so that you kan run your business using you HSP strength whilst remaining your effortless self. 1 on 1 coaching to reach your maximum highsensitive potential.

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Online Program

Online Program

The online program for highly sensitive entrepreneurs to learn how to better handle external stimuli, exhaustion and stress. Learn how to run your business using your unique HSP gift for a successful company!

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VIP Day HSP Ondernemer Coaching Arnhem


Do you feel the need, after receiving coaching or following the online program, to soundboard, spar an/or strengthen? Or do you want to talk about useful tips, tools and great strategies?

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About Barbera

Barbera Schouten - HSP Coach

Isn't it wonderful to be able to have more toom in your life for your dreams, goals, ambitions and/or desires? Te be completely yourself, to do what works for you instead of what you are supposed to do?

That you may better listen to your intuition, your own sensitive powers? Never get overwhelmed and be in balance no matter what situation?

That you can experience joy and pleasure and that your passion can flow freely? Without being weighed down by all those negative feelings, emotions and behavioral patterns? To have more happiness and energie!

This is what I have learned myself being a highly sensitive entrepreneur and this is what I have to offer you as a coach. It is my mission to guide 10.000 HSO's in their personal development, their highsensitivity (HSP/HSO/HSS) and their authentic entrepreneurship.

Because I would very much like you to experience the joys of having & running your own company, whilst being in balance while you do so.

So that you can shine again. So that you can fly again.
Because you are awesome and you deserve nothing less!

Yes I want to shine & Fly!

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